If you’re going to repair the bridge between the Central and the South regions you need 10 buckets of tar. You can get all of them this way.

  • Get 3 buckets of tar by helping Leroy Samson who is located in the Town. However, he will not refuse financial assistance either: some of his tasks can be skipped for 1000 coins.
  • Other 7 buckets of tar you can get by trading with Christoph Rush (also in the Town). He will ask you to bring 20 oak boards, 20 bronze ingots, and 20 pieces of jute cloth for every single bucket. You can get 1 bucket of tar per 24 hours by trading with Christoph.

⚠️Please note!

  • In case you can’t find Samson, Christoph, or any other NPC, take a look at this guide.
  • The best way to protect your tar from being stolen by bandits is to bring it to the Bridge and to apply it to the slot as soon as you get one more bucket. In case you lost one, come back to Christoph and buy another bucket.