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Rings and Amulets

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Who doesn't like beautiful and, most importantly, useful jewelry? Oh, it is more than desirable in Westland, and we can understand why. Today we want to talk about all things regarding jewelry in the game.

Types of jewelry

First, one should know that there are 2 types of jewelry in the game — wearable and unwearable. Wearable jewelry can be equipped and upgraded (we will tell about that in more detail a bit later), and unwearable is used at the Canyon Trials altar. These are Silver Rings and Bronze Rings.

wls2_silver_ring.png         wls_bronze_ring.png

Speaking of the Silver and Bronze Rings, they are obtained via world loot and can be used only at the Canyon Trials Altar.

Wearable jewelry

Now let's get back to the juiciest part — wearable rings and amulets! These are especially cool since they provide bonuses to your character's stats, making them a lot more powerful.

Wls_ring_wood.png Wls_ring_wolf.png Wls_ring_withy.png Wls_ring_violetstone.png Wls_ring_stone.png Wls_ring_pearl.png
Wls_ring_mazewood.png Wls_ring_iron.png Wls_ring_goldstones.png Wls_ring_buffalo.png Wls_ring_bone.png wls_gold_ring.png
wls_amul_talisman.png Wls_amul_master.png Wls_amul_horse.png wls_amul_feather.png wls_amul_elk.png Wls_amul_coyote.png
Wls_amul_cougar.png wls_amul_claws.png Wls_amul_bufalo.png wls_amul_bone_choker.png Wls_amul_bear.png  

To get your first items of this type, follow the game quest and head North to visit the Native American Tribe. But before that, you should get through the Snowy pass. Make sure to wear warm clothes (you'll need 5 Warmth points minimum) and take a few pickaxes with you to dig the path out.

When you reach the Native American tribe, find Citlali Elan and Ayasha Nodin. There are two chests next to their wigwams. Both contain three fist level rings. Bring three rings to Ayasha to create a more powerful one. And take the remaining ones to Citlali — she will forge you an enchanted amulet from them!


Citlali Elan


Ayasha Nodin

If you want to get even more powerful rings and amulets, challenge yourself in Canyon Trials. Get your reward for dealing with waves of enemies and come back to the Native American tribe to forge the rings you obtained into even more powerful ones and amulets.


To complete one of the game quests, it is required to make a +5 amulet. To get one, use 3 +5 enchanted rings for fusion. Voila!