Fish (Fried fish) Fish (Fried fish)

Fish (Fried fish)

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There are lots of tasty dishes in Westland Survival. But there is one you'd better use another way then just eat!

Where to find Fish?

  • On locations in the chests or dead enemies’ pockets (rare).
  • At neighbours’ ranches (sometimes).
  • As a reward for completing the ‘Old Road’ event.

When you find Fish, come back to the Ranch and cook it at the bonfire. That’s how you get Fried fish!

Why is it so special?

Experienced cowboys know there is a better way to use Fried fish then simply eat it.

If you have a damaged item that you can’t repair at the Ranch, visit gunsmith Weyland in Silverton. He can repair anything! For his work, he will charge you with… Fish.

The prices depends on the item rarity: 

  • Common item: 2 Fish
  • Uncommon item: 5 Fish
  • Rare item: 10 Fish
  • Epic item: 20 Fish

P.S. If your character is hungry you can still eat the Fried fish to save your life.