Arabella Gallopridge β€” Stable owner Arabella Gallopridge β€” Stable owner

Arabella Gallopridge β€” Stable owner

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Despite her young age, Arabella, the charming lady, is the proud owner of the Silverton Stable. With her extensive knowledge of horses, she possesses expertise in proper horse care, feeding, and overall well-being.

At Arabella's stable, you can avail yourself of two services:

  • Purchase a new horse β€” You have the opportunity to buy one of the available horses using Silver coins. As aspiring breeders, you initially have access to a limited selection of horses. However, as your knowledge expands, Arabella will present you with a wider range of rare breeds.
  • Enhance your knowledge of horses β€” By entrusting one or multiple horses to the city stable, you can gain valuable knowledge in return. This will gradually open doors to acquiring even rarer horses for your collection.

Let's delve a bit deeper into transferring horses to the city Stable:

  • By transferring a horse, you enhance your knowledge about horses of the same type (Riding or Draft). As your breed knowledge grows, you'll gain the ability to acquire higher-tier horses from Arabella.
  • Once a horse is transferred, it cannot be returned.
  • You can transfer any of your adult horses, except for the one currently in use by you.
  • There's no need to physically β€˜bring’ the horse to the city. Choosing which horses to transfer is a straightforward process done through a conversation with Arabella.
  • Foals cannot be transferred until they have reached maturity.
Please note!
You have to build the Stable before you can talk to Arabella.