Adam McCoy — Rarities Trader Adam McCoy — Rarities Trader

Adam McCoy — Rarities Trader

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Adam McCoy is a companion of Mal Baynolds. It is rumored that this elegant gentleman and energetic businessman came from the far industrial cities in the Northeast. The latest achievements in science and technology can be found in his store.

Epic rarity items

  • Rubber — Epic rarity resource. Dense, flexible, and waterproof material. A marvelous feat of the modern industry!
  • Industrial parts — Epic rarity resource. The most complex and high-quality weapon details ever. You can't produce them without precision tools.
  • Industrial tubes — He also has a limited number of them with epic items blueprints inside. 
  • Binoculars — a great tool to scout the area ahead. It can be useful both for Alliance scouts and ordinary cowboys.
  • Steamboat parts — you will definitely need them to repair La Belle.
  • Electrical toolset — Kit containing various electrical tools and measurement devices designed for electrical works. It is required to build the Power generator and upgrade workbenches to level 6.

Valuable epic resources will be useful to you in order to craft powerful armor and weapons and use the latest achievements of science and technology in the harsh realities of Westland.


How to find Adam McCoy

  • To find him, build a Dovecote at your ranch and wait for a message from Adam and his mysterious fellow.
  • Adam will certainly agree to sell you a couple of rarities at a very modest (in his opinion) price of a couple of Gold Nuggets.