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Cold and Heat

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Cold and Heat are regional effects.

  • Cold — Affects the Northern region, marked with the special icon. A character without cold protection will experience a rapid reduction in the duration of the food buff. As soon as the buff disappears, the character starts freezing. The cold slows down the character's movement.
  • Heat — the Southern region, located beyond the River crossing, has its own regional feature (and is also marked with a thermometer icon). A character lacking heat protection will quickly reduce the duration of the drink buff. Once the buff disappears, the character starts feeling the heat. An overheated character slows down just like when freezing.

How to fight Cold and Heat

  • Appropriate clothing — To fight the cold, you'll need to dress warmly in the north, while in the south, it's advisable to wear clothing suitable for that region's climate. Each piece of regional clothes specifies the amount of cold or heat protection it provides.
  • Eat Special Food — In the northern regions, Warming Wild Stew will prove useful, while in the south, cooling Iced Tea is essential. These dishes will let you ignore the regional features completely while their buff is active. 
  • You can stop the freezing effect with any food, and the heat effect with any drink. Just remember that if it's not the dishes with the regional buffs stated above, their effect will run down faster than usual.

Useful tips

  • To ignore Cold or Heat, you need 5 Protection points. You can get them from Armor or special dishes. 
  • Tier 3 warm armor protects against Cold but debuffs against Heat.
  • Tier 4 cowboy armor sets and Native American outfits provide Heat protection.
  • A full Common Armor set of the proper tier grants 5 points, while uncommon and rare Armor offers more Protection points, allowing you to mix and match.

Please note!

  • If a location does not have cold or heat, the warmth or coolness indicators are not taken into account. For instance, in the central region, one cannot freeze even in Tier 4 southern clothing or overheat in a northern coat. All the locations that have cold or heat are marked with special thermometer icons on the map
  • Heat and Cold factors do not affect each other.