In Westland Survival, your character's death doesn't lead you to a complete loss of items.

If you get killed:

  • Your character will wake up at the Ranch with 50% HP.
    Use healing items to restore your HP to the maximum.
  • Your items' durability will drop by 40%.
    This means that they will stay in your inventory or on your character if they had more than 40% durability at the time of death.
    Please note:
    When your backpack gets damaged, some of the slots it gives may get locked. No worries though! By fixing the backpack on the repair bench, you will get them all back. Also, there is no way to break a backpack completely. The lowest number its durability can go is 10%.
  • You will lose 5% of your current level's EXP.
    Please note that this penalty can not make you go down in levels!

Heal, repair, get ready for the new adventures — and don't let anyone (or anything) stop you!