Have you ever found a safe on your way while traveling? We know many of you have! Some of you took it with you, some ignored it, and some tried to take it, but couldn't do that. Let's learn more about them today!

What are safes?

Safes are lootable objects that can be found in random locations. There is a higher chance to spot them in the North and South.

How to move a safe?

You will need a wagon to take a safe from the location. Safes are too heavy to carry in hands or just on the horseback. So, make sure to travel using the wagon in order to be able to transfer safes!


Please note that if you find a safe and then leave the location to bring the wagon on it, the safe will disappear. 

How can I loot it?

To loot what's inside, you need to bring the safe to Allison, a professional safecracker. He can be found in the Town, in the North-East of it (on the mini-map, he is marked with a cracked lock). Put the safe on his worktable and speak to him. Allison will offer you 2 options. To open the safe right away or in 24 hours. The longer the wait, the cheaper the service!

What can be found inside?

Safes are hard to get and open for a reason. You can find various blueprints, guns, armor, steel and iron items inside.


⚠️Important note!

Even though you can store the safes you found in the Town, we highly recommend not doing so. Upon installing an update, safes may disappear from the Town. Take care of your precious loot!