How to fight the cold How to fight the cold

How to fight the cold

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Warmth is the parameter that indicates how well the cowboy is protected from cold. It is taken into account when the cowboy visits the northern cold locations, i.e. Blocked Snowy Passage, Northern outlaws' stopover, Highlands, Iron mine, and Snowy maple forest. There is no need to dress your character warmly to visit and roam through the Native American tribe location.

Warmth requirement

The minimum warmth requirement is 5, but it is more desirable to have more warmth points.
The game has a hidden warmth meter that does not change when the cowboy has 5 warmth, decreases when lower than 5, and increases when higher. The larger the difference is, the faster the changes will be. When the meter drops to 50% a freezing icon appears above the cowboy. If the meter is allowed to drop further to 0% the cowboy will get into a freezing status that will make him move slowly and take damage until the meter rises again.

Methods to fight the cold

  • The most straightforward method to fight the cold is to increase the total warmth value of the character. This can be achieved by wearing warm clothes and/or holding a torch in hand, which provides 4 warmth. T3 armor (fur set/bear fur set) provides higher warmth than other armor and is ideal for this purpose. 
  • Another method is to drink whiskey. Whiskey provides a short duration of immunity to cold for the cowboy and heal for some hit points. This can be an emergency measure when warmth drops due to the breaking of armor.
  • The third method is to light a bonfire in cold locations with a torch. To do so, get close to a bonfire while your character is holding a torch in their hands. However, this only provides heat in the close vicinity. If the cowboy is too low in total warmth, they will freeze quickly and won't be able to move too far away from the bonfire.