Westland's prairies are a very dangerous place. There is always someone who wants to shoot or eat you. And even if you successfully survive after one battle, it doesn't mean you will stay alive after the next one. So it's better to have some bandages or healing potions in your backpack. Medicative herbs can be found almost everywhere, but the best potions and ointments to restore your health after the attacks of the most dangerous enemies can be created only at your Ranch on Herbalist table and Laboratory.

blobid0.png Medicative herb Heals wounds. It can be processed into an herbal infusion.
blobid1.png Plantago Stops bleeding and helps to heal wounds
blobid2.png Agastache Known for its healing properties
blobid3.png Matricaria chamomilla The best plant remedy for most ailments
blobid4.png Selfmade bandage Heals wounds. Best when used together with the salve and whiskey
blobid5.png Light bandage Used to bandage light injuries
blobid6.png Bandage Used to bandage moderate injuries
blobid7.png Heavy bandage Used to bandage serious injuries
blobid8.png Herbal infusion Healing liquid that instantly repairs wounds
blobid9.png Strong herbal infusion Rare medicinal herbs that can help even with severe injury
blobid10.png Excellent herbal infusion Can revive a man from death's doorstep!
blobid11.png Secret Native American' infusion The secret to this medical tincture's strength is a great mystery!
blobid12.png Pure herbal infusion The best medicine that you can get in the Wild West.
blobid13.png Salve Excellent for healing wounds. Can be crafted in the laboratory.
blobid14.png Healing ointment Cleans and sterilises wounds, to promote healing
blobid15.png Strong curative ointment A potent medicine
blobid16.png Native American healing ointment Secret ointment prescribed by Big Snake
blobid17.png Ointment of rejuvenation Heals even the most severe of emotional wounds