There are a lot of ingredients to cook from in Westland Survival. And lots of dishes to make to keep your cowboy well-fed! But sometimes, even the best of us can get hungry, and that can lead to some unpleasant consequences. Today, we will share a few tips regarding hunger and thirst. Hope you will find them useful!

  • Cooked food gives you various buffs.
  • You can eat some raw crops and berries as well, but they won't buff you.
  • All food has a tiny healing effect.
  • Raw meat can heal your pet a little.
  • You will never die of hunger or thirst, but 25 hours without food and drinks will lead to debuffs. Eat and drink something to remove negative effects.

Raw food and ingredients

Raw meat

wls2_consumable_meat_tough_icon_128.png T1 Tough Meat Low-quality meat. Edible, but doesn't taste as good.
wls2_consumable_meat_white_icon_128.png T2 White meat Pretty nutritious food — contains fat and proteins.
Resourse_miscellaneous_meat_3_128.png T3 Ribs Juicy raw meat. You can eat it, but it's best when cooked.
Resourse_miscellaneous_meat_2_128.png T4 Tender meat High-quality cut of meat, perfect for cooking a delicious schnitzel.
wls2_consumable_meat_tenderloin_icon_128.png T5 Fillet The most tender piece of meat. It's hard to get, so it's highly valuable.
wls2_cooking_ingredient_exotic_meat_5.png T5 Exotic meat A mild-flavored meat obtained from alligators is perfect for preparing exceptional dishes.
Resourse_miscellaneous_meat_6.png T6 Juicy haunch Juicy haunch is nutritious, healthy, and also incredibly tasty if cooked correctly.

Raw crops




It is grown in the garden, edible, you can cook porridge from it.



Wheat is one of the basic crops. Chickens love it.
blobid12.png T3 Green beans Should be consumed in moderation.
wls_oats.png T3 Oats Food for your faithful friend.
wls2_consumable_farm_cabbage_icon.png T4 Cabbage Succulent cabbage leaves can be the perfect addition to any table.
blobid16.png T5 Pumpkin It is grown in the garden, edible, you can cook a healthy porridge from it.
blobid20.png T2 Cactus fruit Satisfies hunger and thirst for a bit.
blobid18.png T3 Blueberry

Juicy and sweet, these unique berries are a beloved ingredient in various Northern dishes.

Exclusively found in the Northern region.

Salt and Spices

blobid21.png T1 Salt

Food supplement. 

Can be found in daily events in the Salt Mine, or you may buy it in Silverton.

blobid22.png T1 Spice

A mixture of different spices.

Can be found in daily events, or you may buy it in Silverton.

wls2_cooking_ingredient_mustard_4.png T4 Mustard

An aromatic and spicy condiment, infusing dishes with a delightful kick, popular in the Southern regions.

Can be found in the Southern region, Interfluve, neighbourhood bases, and Bandit Hideouts.

wls2_cooking_ingredient_spice_sauce_5.png T5 Spicy sauce

A savory seasoning that adds brightness and fiery flavor to a variety of dishes, particularly beloved in Marshlands cuisine.

Can be found in the Marshlands region, Cultist camp, neighbourhood bases, and Bandit Hideouts.

wls2_cooking_ingredient_canned_food_6.png T6 Canned food

Vegetables and meat that retain their freshness both in the icy lands and in the parched prairies.

Can be found in the Diggers' Den, and Bandit Hideouts.

wls2_cooking_ingredient_pack_tea_4.png T4 Tea box

An exquisite collection of selected tea leaves that offers a harmonious symphony of flavors for a delightful tea experience.

wls2_cooking_ingredient_pack_coffe_5.png T5 Pack of Coffee Expertly chosen coffee beans for crafting the finest cup of coffee.
wls2_cooking_ingredient_leafes_6.png T6 Northern herbs A collection of pine needles, herbs and berries from the very heart of the northern wilds


Simple food (Tier 1)

It is the simplest food that anyone can cook on Bonfire.

blobid15.png Corn porridge Satisfies hunger and recovers health.
blobid2.png Grilled meat Perfectly satisfies hunger and helps to heal wounds.
blobid27.png Full canteen Supply of water you can carry.
blobid26.png Spicy sauce A water storage tank.

Cowboy cuisine (Tier 2)

More complex dishes that are popular among cowboys.

blobid8.png Baked Poultry A mouthwatering dish that not only delights your taste buds but also gives you the fierce fighting spirit of a rooster, amplifying your attacks
wls2_consumable_food_kitchen_cowboy_bisquits_icon.png Cowboy Biscuits As rugged as the frontier itself, these wheat-based biscuits, also known as "tooth breakers," are a flavorful companion for any journey.
wls2_consumable_food_kitchen_schnitzel_icon.png Schnitzel The secret to this dish lies in its crispy crust, created with finely ground wheat, providing a delightful contrast to the juicy meat at its core.
wls2_consumable_cactus_drink_2_common.png Cactus Drink A refreshing drink crafted from a blend of cactus fruit and water.

Native American cuisine (Tier 3)

The northern Native American tribes' recipes prominently feature Blueberries, which are exclusively found in the Rocky Mountains and Boreal Wilds regions. Don't miss the delightful Warming Wild Stew among these delectable dishes.

wls2_consumable_ribs_blueberry_3_common.png Ribs in Blueberry Sauce A mouthwatering dish that not only delights your taste buds but also gives you the fierce fighting spirit of a rooster, amplifying your attacks
wls2_consumable_bean_bread_3_common.png Cherokee Bean Bread A soft, moist bread made with beans that is an enduring piece of Native American history.
blobid10.png Fried Fish

As rugged as the frontier itself, these wheat-based biscuits, also known as "tooth breakers," are a flavorful companion for any journey.

Tip: They say Gunsmith Garcia will repair literally anything for you for a couple of fried fish.

blobid19.png Compote The secret to this dish lies in its crispy crust, created with finely ground wheat, providing a delightful contrast to the juicy meat at its core.
wls2_consumable_hunter_stew_3_uncommon.png Warming Wild Stew A comforting and nourishing stew made from tender ribs infused with the sweetness of blueberries, warming your soul and keeping the cold at bay
wls2_consumable_pemmican_3_uncommon.png Pemmican A traditional Native American survival food, that nourishes your spirit and fosters a harmonious bond with wild creatures.
wls2_consumable_blueberry_meat_pie_3_rare.png Blueberry Meat Pie A Northern delight that combines savory ground meat and sweet blueberries — grants you newfound strength in battle.

Cuisine of Southern States (Tier 4) 

Recipes inspired by the dishes popular in the Southern states of the young nation. Most of the food requires Mustard that can be found in the Interfluve, Bandit’s Hideouts, and Neighbors' Bases. Tea was the most characteristic drink of this region, and now the game features three different tea recipes, including refreshing Iced tea! You can find the Tea in regular locations matching its Tier.

wls2_consumable_fried_chicken_4_common.png Fried Chicken Each tender piece is cooked to golden, crispy perfection, capturing the mouthwatering essence of Kentucky fried tradition.
wls2_consumable_fillet_steak_4_common.png Fillet Steak A prime cut of beef, seared to perfection with a hint of salt, is every cowboy's delight.
wls2_consumable_tea_4_common.png Tea It is a timeless and comforting beverage, perfect for any moment of the day.
wls2_consumable_hoppin_john_4_uncommon.png Hoppin' John A classic Southern dish that has thousands of variations. But this particular recipe will have you hopping with efficiency as you work with your axe and pickaxe!
wls2_consumable_bacon_bread_pudding_4_uncommon.png Bacon Bread Pudding A cherished Southern delicacy, with crispy bacon and tender dough, giving you the strength to defend against wild animals with exceptional efficiency.
wls2_consumable_iced_tea_4_uncommon.png Iced Tea It is a cool and refreshing drink, ideal for hot summer days.
wls2_consumable_smithfield_ham_4_rare.png Smithfield Ham This mouthwatering ham, prepared with a time-honored Southern recipe, sharpens your focus and unlocks your inner marksman.
wls2_consumable_southern_tea_punch_4_rare.png Southern Tea Punch This beverage revitalizes and grants courage and power to face any enemy.

Cajun cuisine (Tier 5)

Recipes of Louisiana region. Complex, hearty dishes with spicy sauce, as well as a variety of coffee recipes! Hot Sauce is guaranteed drops from Cultist camp, Bandit Hideouts, and Neighbors' Bases. Coffee can be found in regular locations corresponding to its Tier.

wls2_consumable_pumpkin_bisque_5_common.png Pumpkin Bisque A beloved French-inspired soup, celebrated in Cajun cuisine for its delightful flavors and comforting nature.
wls2_consumable_medallion_steak_5_common.png Medallion Steak Succulent and tender, this perfectly cooked steak.
wls2_coffee_cup.png Coffee A classic drink celebrated for its rich and full-bodied flavor and aroma.
wls2_consumable_cajun_pumpkin_porridge_5_uncommon.png Cajun Pumpkin Porridge Made from fresh pumpkin with tasty Boudin, this porridge provides the strength to walk through water with surefooted steps.
wls2_consumable_potlikker_stew_5_uncommon.png Potlikker with Cornbread A savory stew that embodies your inner strength, granting added defense to withstand enemy attacks in battle.
wls2_consumable_spiced_coffee_5_uncommon.png Spiced Coffee A captivating beverage with a delightful aroma, renowned for its ability to empower the body and naturally repel mosquitoes.
wls2_consumable_boudin_corndog_5_rare.png Boudin Corndog An all-American favorite infused with the flavorful Cajun twist, bringing happiness to your belly and strength to your attacks.
wls2_consumable_gumbo_5_rare.png Gumbo Traditional Cajun thick soup is known for its blend of flavors and the ability to heighten your precision, increasing critical hit chances in combat.
wls2_consumable_irish_coffee_5_rare.png Irish Coffee A fragrant blend of coffee and spirited elixir enhances your agility, improving chances of evasion.

Boreal cuisine (Tier 6)

Recipes of the Boreal Wilds. Tasty dishes made with Juicy Haunch or Canned food and potatoes, as well as a variety of Inuit drinks! Canned food drops from Diggers' Den, Bandit Hideouts, and Neighbors' Bases. Northern herbs can be found in regular locations in the region.

wls2_consumable_caribu_steak_6_common.png Caribou steak A fried piece of reindeer meat is the food of real snow conquerors.
wls2_consumable_baked_potato_6_common.png Baked potato A simple and satisfying meal that anyone can make.
wls2_consumable_injun_drink_6_common.png Coniferous extract A brew of northern herbs is what you need to replenish your strength in the northern wilds.
wls2_consumable_caribu_soup_6_uncommon.png Caribou chowder Simple food based on Inuit recipes. Warms up from cold and speeds up resource gathering.
wls2_consumable_caribu_potato_6_uncommon.png Caribou with mash Reindeer meat with mashed potatoes. Even its smell gives strength to your pet, not to mention your own health.
wls2_consumable_injun_drink_6_uncommon.png Inuit coniferous tea A drink brewed according to the secret recipes of the northern indigenous inhabitants. Invigorates the body and replenishes health.
wls2_consumable_akutaq_6_rare.png Akutaq A traditional dessert that combines a taste of the boreal wilderness with unique properties against ghosts.
wls2_cooking_ingredient_meat_broth_5.png Spicy hearty soup An especially spicy soup, which is great not only for health but also for increasing agility against bullets.
wls2_consumable_injun_drink_6_rare.png Strong extract This natural herb extract boosts your health and gives you additional damage in battles.



The Encyclopedia contains all the information about dishes, their ingredients, and bonuses they grant. Besides providing valuable information, the Encyclopedia helps you keep track of the dishes you've already tried and the ones you haven't. This knowledge is crucial the first time you consume a dish, granting your character a permanent buff!