There are a lot of ingredients to cook from in Westland Survival. And lots of dishes to make to keep your cowboy well-fed! But sometimes even the best of us can get hungry, and that can lead to some unpleasant consequences. Today we will share a few tips regarding hunger and thirst. Hope you will find them useful!

  • Raw food helps a little but delicious food satisfies hunger much better and also restores health.
  • Caves are very poor with food and water. You can find neither berries nor cactuses there. So grab some provisions if you’re going to have a trip to the caves. 
  • Your Ranch is a safe place (most of the time) but your character still needs to eat and drink. Don’t forget to visit your kitchen from time to time while thinking about what to upgrade next. Please note that hunger and thirst parameters are on hold while you are in the Building mode or Craft mode (to enter it, just tap on any of the workbenches). 
  • You’d better move to the Global Map (or Building mode/Workshop List as described previously) if you’re going to have some breakfast. This way, you can prevent hunger and thirst parameters from decreasing. What a deadly irony it will be if your cowboy kicks the bucket because of hunger while you are enjoying your coffee break!


They say Gunsmith Garcia will repair literally anything for you for a couple of fried fish.


wls2_consumable_meat_tough_icon_128.png Tough Meat Low-quality meat. Edible, but doesn't taste as good.
wls2_consumable_meat_white_icon_128.png White meat Pretty nutritious food – contains fat and proteins
Resourse_miscellaneous_meat_3_128.png Ribs Juicy raw meat. You can eat it, but it's best when cooked.
Resourse_miscellaneous_meat_2_128.png Tender meat High-quality cut of meat, perfect for cooking a delicious schnitzel.
wls2_consumable_meat_tenderloin_icon_128.png Fillet The most tender piece of meat. It's hard to get, so it's highly valuable.
blobid2.png Cooked meat Perfectly satisfies hunger and helps to heal wounds
blobid3.png Dried meat Satisfies a light hunger, even better than cooked meat
blobid4.png Steak Delicious medium-rare steak, cooked to perfection
blobid8.png Roasted poultry Perfect for a festive table
wls2_consumable_food_kitchen_schnitzel_icon.png Schnitzel Breaded pan-fried Schnitzel. The crispy crust gives a special flavor to the soft meat.
wls2_consumable_food_kitchen_coleslaw_icon.png Coleslaw A simple cabbage salad. Easy-cooked, long-stored, and most of all – very healthy.
wls2_consumable_food_kitchen_cowboy_bisquits_icon.png Cowboy Biscuits Tough cowboy biscuits, popularly known as “tooth breakers”. Great snack with coffee!
wls2_coffee_cup.png Cowboy coffee A flavored drink beloved by cowboys. Gives energy and quenches thirst.
blobid9.png Fish Edible as is, but much better when cooked
blobid10.png Fried fish Satisfies hunger and helps heal wounds
blobid11.png Dried fish It satisfies hunger, but not thirst.
blobid12.png Green beans Should be consumed in moderation
blobid13.png Bean soup Satisfying, wholesome, and especially tasty.
blobid14.png Corn It is grown in the garden, edible, you can cook porridge from it
blobid15.png Corn porridge Satisfies hunger and recovers health
blobid16.png Pumpkin It is grown in the garden, edible, you can cook a healthy porridge from it
blobid17.png Pumpkin porridge Tasty and healthy pumpkin porridge, popular at harvest time
blobid18.png Berry Edible. Quenches thirst and hunger.
blobid19.png Compote Excellent thirst quencher. Made from berries on the bonfire
blobid20.png Cactus fruit Satisfies hunger and thirst for a bit.
blobid21.png Salt Food supplement
blobid22.png Spice Food supplement
blobid23.png Whiskey It helps to heal your soul wounds.
blobid25.png Oatmeal Traditional morning meal to prepare for a day of hard work on the ranch
blobid26.png Empty canteen A water storage tank.
blobid27.png Full canteen Supply of water you can carry.