Wood and stone are the most frequently used materials to build up your Ranch. You need an ax to make logs from trees and a pickaxe to get stones from rocks. You may find them at different locations. To saw boards from logs and to produce blocks from stones you must come back to your Ranch and use a proper workbench. Some traders in the Town will be happy to exchange one type of logs or stones for another one.


blobid0.png T1 Pine log Serves as fuel and raw material for the production of boards.
blobid1.png T2 Oak log Improved fuel and raw material for the production of boards.
blobid2.png T3 Maple log Good fuel and raw material for the production of boards.
blobid3.png T4 Ash tree Durable ash wood is great for building work.
blobid4.png T5 Cypress One of the best building materials in the entire Wild West!
wls2_resourse_primary_wood_6.png T6 Alder

Difficult to process, but resistant wood!

blobid5.png T1 Pine board Used in construction. It is sawn from logs.
blobid6.png T2 Oak board Used in construction. Made from best wood - oak logs.
blobid7.png T3 Maple board Used in construction. Made from good wood - maple logs.
blobid8.png T4 Ash board Used in building. Made from ash logs.
blobid9.png T5 Cypress board Used in building. Made from cypress logs.
wls2_resourse_secondary_plank_6_icon.png T6 Alder board Used for construction. Made from alder logs.


blobid10.png T1 Rock One of the major construction resources.
blobid11.png T2 Shale Not very durable, but a cheap material for construction. Used to produce limestone blocks.
blobid12.png T3 Basalt Durable construction material.
blobid13.png T4 Granite Very durable construction material.
blobid14.png T5 Marble Material for lining the interiors and facades of buildings.
blobid15.png T1 Stone block Building material, cut from stone.
blobid16.png T2 Shale block A mediocre building material for those without many options.
blobid17.png T3 Basalt block A building material to protect your home from raids.
blobid18.png T4 Granite block A durable building material that could even withstand a battering ram.
blobid19.png T5 Marble block A luxurious element used in the decoration of rich mansions.
wls2_resourse_secondary_stoneblock_6.png T6 Reinforced marble block Highly durable material crafted from a mixture of marble and tungsten, providing elegance with increased strength.