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Railway Station

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It is said that every mining town in the Wild West must have a Railway Station. It is needed to transfer the necessary equipment for the Mine to boost its efficiency. It’s rather convenient to have a railroad laid next to the Mine. Catch your luck and build the Railway Station!

Tip: A Railway Station can not work without electricity. If there is not enough electricity, the Railway Station will stop providing you with bonuses.

Railway Station building bonus

The Railway Station increases the efficiency of the mining process. The higher the level of the Railway Station, the higher the performance boost! 

Railway Station Projects

Rail Depot


Currently, this is the only Project available at the Railway Station. It slightly decreases Energy consumption during your travels on the Global Map from one location to another. 

Defense Post


Do you need some help in defending your base during the Gold Rush? You will eventually get a backup from Silverton! Best mercenaries available will come to your aid 5 minutes after the beginning of the attack. These guys are tough, brutal, and can change the course of the fight! 

But you can have the backup even faster! Talk to your Alliance mates and decide who will be guarding the Railway Station. The defender should be well-equipped to survive the possible fire while waiting for reinforcement.

It will take 3 minutes for the reinforcement to reach your base by train if someone will be guarding the Railway Station. While the mercenaries are on the road, the Railway Station guardian has to fight for his/her life! Someone must meet the mercenaries and tell them whom to shoot at. At least one Railway Station defender must stay alive while the mercenaries are on the road to get the timer reduction bonus. If the Railway Station defender gets killed, for example, in a minute after the attack is launched, the bonus won't get applied, and the mercenaries will arrive later.