Alliance buildings Alliance buildings

Alliance buildings

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Let's take a closer look at your future Alliance base! At the current stage, you and your friends can build and upgrade up to 6 buildings on Alliance base. You and your Alliance fellows need to work as a team to turn your base into a prosperous mining town and set up the Gold Nuggets production chain!

Please note!
At the moment, all Alliance buildings can be upgraded to level 2.
The max buildings’ level will be increased in the future!

First steps

The first building you may see on the Alliance base is the Headquarters. You’ve got this building along with the ownership documents. Also, as has been mentioned in the documents, some other buildings’ foundations have already been established. 

But other constructions should be built on your own. The Leader can choose where to start building the Saloon, Bunkhouses, and some other buildings that will appear in the further updates. The Leader can not only choose the placement but also rotate the buildings to make your Alliance base look great.

When the foundation is settled, the time to collect all necessary resources comes. All Alliance members have to join the building process. Everyone can interact with the foundation and contribute the resources required to construct the desired building. The construction will be counted finished when you and your buddies invest enough resources into it.

All buildings



A place for storing gold nuggets. Upgrade the building so that more members can join the Alliance.

Gold Mine


The main source of Alliance income. Upgrade the Mine to increase extraction of ore.

Power Station


It is the greatest achievement of modern progress, an effective power source. Evolving the Power station increases its production.

Railway Station


Alliance Transport hub.
Wanna get more Gold nuggets?
Extend the Railway station!



This is where all Alliance members live.
The max number of Bunkhouses you can build is 3.



You can get some food and drinks here. A saloon is a familiar place for you, but this one is special. You are part-owner of this one! 

More buildings will be added in the next updates!