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A town without a Saloon is like a cowboy without a Colt! Besides, digging Gold Ore when your belly is empty is not quite a good idea. So, if you don’t want to run back and forth to your Ranch to get some snacks, make sure to build a Saloon. It is worth mentioning that the place to build it can be chosen by the Alliance leader personally.

Saloon building bonus

At the current moment, the Saloon does not provide any bonuses to the Alliance members. But its Projects do! 

Saloon Projects

Bar Rack


It allows you to have a meal a few times a day and fully restore the hunger and thirst bars. But there is no Saloon in the Wild West that will serve clients if there is not enough booze in the repository. If you want to have a meal, make sure there is enough Whiskey in the building!

Food Warehouse


It increases the maximum values of hunger and thirst bars. This allows all Alliance members to go without food and water for a longer time.