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Captain Lourie

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Captain Lourie is one of the best when it comes to roaming the dangerous waters of Westland. He knows all shores and bays as his own five fingers. It’s not easy to deal with this proud man, but if you manage to become his friend, he can become a great ally in many ways. 

They say that the Cap'n is involved in some 'shady business' with Adam MacCoy. Pretend that you haven't heard that and keep on the Cap'n's good side. Who knows what's inside of those crates he ships all over the Mississippi? Maybe it's better to keep it a secret, at least for now.

As all people do, even the tough Captain Lourie has a soft spot. He cares about La Belle, his Steamboat, deeply. Lourie can talk ages about her, and don’t you dare name La Belle ‘just a boat’ in his presence! She’s a dear friend, not ‘just a boat’. Help Captain repair La Belle and he will take you to Deepwater, a town in the Marshlands, full of sinister secrets and tempting loot.