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Gold Rush Leaderboard

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With Alliances progressing in both mining and dealing with their rivals, it’s time for the next chapter of the Gold Rush to unfold. Gather your friends to challenge the new Gold Rush Leaderboard!

Gold Rush Leaderboard introduces a new way of getting Alliance resources, ensuring that every participant, β€” both as an individual and a member of the Alliance, β€” gets a guaranteed reward! 

Become more famous in Westland by raiding other Alliances, get more Gold Nuggets, and earn additional rewards for your combat skills and successes! 



From Tuesday 12:00 UTC to Monday 12:00 UTC, get qualified in the new Gold Rush Leaderboards and enter a win-win competition!

How do you take part in Gold Rush Leaderboards?
Steal a Safe with Gold Nuggets from your rivals!

Get more Gold Nuggets than your rivals to progress in Divisions and Leagues and get more rewards! It doesn't matter if you get your Gold Nuggets from the Gold Mine or from raiding the rivaling Alliance bases β€” both of these methods will do. The higher your place in Divisions and Leagues, the tougher the competition, and the better the rewards!

If you don’t make a single attack during the set time period, you won’t be considered a participant, even if your mine will be producing Gold Nuggets. 

What are Leagues, Divisions, and how can you get better rewards?
Find that info down below!

Leagues, Divisions, and Groups


All participating Alliances will be divided between 3 Leagues: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each League consists of 5 Divisions. Alliances within one Division are divided into Groups, consisting of 10 Alliance-competitors.

At the start, all Alliances will be distributed in 3, 4, and 5 Divisions of the Bronze League according to their Authority Score.

Your Alliance will have to compete with 9 others for the highest ranks within a Group. If you get to be the best, you will get promoted to the next Division! The competition will be growing stronger, but the rewards will be getting better, too!

Top Division 1 Alliances will enter the new League upon the Leaderboards renewal. For example, top Bronze 1 Alliances will start competing in Silver 5 Division, and etc.

To keep your position in the Leaderboards, your Alliance has to participate in the competition regularly. If you get to miss a few competitions in a row, your progress will get nulled and your Alliance will get back to the starting point β€” Bronze 5 League.



This is where things get most interesting! All participants will be getting rewards, without exceptions! The higher the Division and the League, the better the rewards. 

The rewards you get for participating in the Gold Rush Leaderboards consist of 2 parts:

  1. Alliance buildings upgrade materials β€” a reward for your joint effort! Use it to upgrade your base and get more bonuses, gain more defense posts, and recruit more Alliance members!
  2. Valuable resources for each member of the Alliance β€” your personal reward for being a part of the competition! Do whatever you find better with those β€” upgrade your Ranch or craft some useful items!

From now on, Gold Rush Leaderboards become the only source of specialized Alliance materials income. So, participating in the competition and climbing higher in the ranks will serve both you and your Alliances well! 

Timing of the Gold Rush Leaderboard

  • The competition STARTS every Tuesday at 12:00 UTC and lasts 6 days.
  • The competition ENDS every Monday at 12:00 UTC.