Your cozy ranch can become even cozier with the addition of pets. Sure, a battle bear or wolf is an irreplaceable partner in combat, but sometimes you might long for the company of a cute domestic animal at home.

One fine day, you might get such an opportunity, so be sure not to miss it! A local wanderer might stop by your ranch. It's hard to say why, but animals seem to love him, and there's always one following him around. He shamelessly takes advantage of this and offers to sell you one of his companions for a modest fee. It could be a cat, a corgi, or even a domestic turkey.

Occasionally, pets might also be found as rewards in special events like the Battle Pass. So, if you want to fill your ranch with cheerful creatures, don't miss such chances!

Pet bed

Should you become the proud owner of a household pet, ensure its comfort is taken care of. Enter the building mode, and in the decorative structures section, choose a cozy bed for your pet. As soon as the bed is set up, your pet will start appearing on your ranch. If you need to make space without the pet temporarily, simply remove the bed. You can always reinstall it when you're ready for your pet's return.

Pet interaction

  • Come closer to the pet bed and use the interaction button to bring your pet here. Interact with the pet bed once again to let your fluffy (or feathered) friend walk around the Ranch.
  • In case your pet is walking around the Ranch, come closer to it and use the interaction button to make him follow you while you're at the Ranch. Use the interaction button once again to let him walk on his own.