All pets are unique β€” starting with their looks and ending with their perks. Here go some common traits of all pets for you to know about:

  • Name β€” You can call your pet whatever you like. It won’t judge your taste. 
  • Gender β€” Maybe it is not quite important right now, but it will get there eventually!
  • Tier β€” High-tier pets are stronger than low-tier ones. You’ll need better baits to lure higher-tier animals. 
  • Rarity β€” Pets of the same tier may also vary in rarity. (T1, T2 β€” Common and uncommon, T3, T4 β€” common, uncommon and rare, T5 β€” common, uncommon, rare and epic).
  • Level β€” Depending on their tier and rarity, pets may be of different levels upon taming. In your adventures, your pets will get experience points and level up. Every new level will make your pet stronger! 
  • Hit points β€” The more the number, the more damage can your pet withstand. Make sure to heal your buddy once you get a chance!
  • Damage β€” Number of the damage points your pet can deal to your enemies. Don’t forget that armor can protect your enemies as well as it protects yourself! 
  • Provoking β€” Your pet can taunt your enemy and make it attack itself instead of you. This ability may be especially useful in certain situations! 

Don't forget that each pet also has its individual perks!