How to get a pet? How to get a pet?

How to get a pet?

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With owning a pet comes great responsibility. You’ve got to keep it cozy, fed, and happy! Let’s dive into all the details on how to get a pet, take care of it, and make sure it is willing to follow you!

⚠️ Please note:
You need to complete several stages of the Paws in troubles storyline to be able to build the Pet House and the Bait Workbench.
  • Build a Pet House
    Enter Building mode at your Ranch and switch to the Projects tab.
    Place your future Pet House on the ground. A bunch of resources, a few Pet bowls (you can get them from the Old Road event or buy a limited number of those from Henry the Stumble), some manual work… and here goes the place for your pet to live and thrive!
  • Build a Bait Workbench
    You can find this workbench in the Production tab of the Building mode. Upgrading it will grant you access to more baits!
  • Craft a bait
    Each animal has its own preferences, the same as humans do. Pay close attention to what bait to craft — the wrong bait won’t help you get the pet of your dreams!
  • Lure an animal
    Go to the location where the animal lives and look for it. Get close to it without making it hostile and use the bait you’ve prepped!
    🐺 Naturalist tip:
    In case you don’t have enough Spirit points to lure an animal, use stealth mode to get closer to it without turning it hostile.
  • Lead the animal to the Pet House
    A treat wins over one’s heart for a short time. Make sure to rush to the Ranch once the animal has taken the bait!
    ⚠️Please note:
    The pet will run away if you go to any other location than the Ranch!
  • Fill the Feeder up
    No food — no mood! Being well-fed is the key for your pet to remain cheerful and fearless. If your pet is hungry, it won’t be able to follow you, fight, or even heal at the Pet house!
    The Feeder’s capacity improves with every Pet House upgrade. The stronger the pet,
    the more food it craves. Get ready to go hunting on a regular basis!
  • Give the animal some time to adapt
    Patience and kindness work miracles, and soon, you’ll get yourself a trusty buddy!

And there it goes! Now the animal is ready to follow your orders and will stay loyal to you. You will get to know about all of the mentioned steps a bit better during the Paws in troubles storyline.