Pets (the basics) Pets (the basics)

Pets (the basics)

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A wolf, a bear, or even an alligator? Don't limit yourself! Any tameable animal can become your pet. While combat pets will cover your back in battle, decorative ones will overload you with cuteness. It's up to you whom to domesticate — just pick the right bait!

You can lure any tameable animal into becoming your pet! Literally any one — from bobcats to alligators. The only exception being dogs, who can be obtained only through contacting official breeders in the Nature Park.


Types of pets

There are two types of pets you can get — combat pets and decorative pets. First ones will follow you everywhere you go and help you deal with any danger, and the decorative ones will always bring a smile to your face with their cuteness.

Combat pets can help you greatly in battle. Especially if you level them up, making them stronger! Share the adventurous experiences, fight side by side, and grow in levels and skills together!

⚠️Important to note:
For now, you can lure only combat pets, while decorative ones will become available later.


Each pet has its own unique perks. Keeping those in mind will help you become stronger and deal with even the most powerful enemies out there! Learn more about some common pet characteristics in the Pet stats section.