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Daily Quests

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You can accept up to 2 daily quests (3 quests for VIP players) per day using your Quest Board.
There are 3 types of daily quests’ difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. 

Complete all the subtasks to get the reward before the time runs out. Quests refresh every 20 hours. Please note that you won’t get a new quest until you get the reward for a completed quest.

Types of quests

  • Bounty Hunt — You must find a specific outlaw and kill him. But first, you need to locate the place where he was last seen and find the map of his hideout.
  • Hunting — Find a powerful beast and kill it with a special bow.
  • Warrior Trials — Visit the Canyon Trials and finish a certain number of waves to get additional rewards from the Shaman-hermit.
  • Train Robbery — Kill all bandits trying to rob the train and get your reward.