Train attack Train attack

Train attack

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Train Attack is one of the Global Map events. At this location, you need to save a Mailman who traveled by train from bandits. And, of course, get some great loot for the help!

Once you enter the location, you will receive the ‘Important mail’ quest. Follow it, kill the bandits, and open up chests with loot!

Train Attack location is huge, and you can take advantage of its landscape features. For example, you can kite enemies around or sneakily deal critical damage to them from behind.

Special items

Among other resources, every daily event provides you with some special items and resources that can't be found in common locations.

  • Breeding Rooster or Cowbell
  • Chewing Gum
  • Spices and Salt
* Daily events are special locations that pop up on the Global Map once every 24 hours. They appear only if you travel using Energy during the day. These events are in random rotation, so it may take some time to stumble upon the one you desire.