Shootout Spot is one of event locations on the Global map. Its popularity is easily explained — this is THE location to get unique stable and wagon items!

Event rotation is random, so no one knows which one you will get today. Sometimes you may stumble upon the same ones 2 days in a row or don’t get some specific event during a week. If you miss an event, it will pop up again a few hours later.

Almost all the unique details required for building the Stable/Wagon can be found at the Shootout Spot (except for Reins and Wagon Bows, which you have to buy in the Silverton). 

⚠️Please note!

  • Stable/Wagon details drop at the Shootout Spot is random. You can get 3 Saddles in a row, or 3 different details at once - it is perfectly normal.
  • Once you complete the Stable and the Wagon, you will continue to stumble upon Stable/Wagon details. But don’t hurry up to throw them away. Golden Carmack, a trader from the Town, may sometimes want to exchange some Gold Nuggets for saddles and other “horse stuff”.