Slick Johnny Slick Johnny

Slick Johnny

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There are all sorts of people in Westland. Some are naive and kind-hearted, others are doing all they can to stay afloat, and the rest are calculative and sly. Slick Johnny can be considered a part of the last group. He takes advantage of every situation!

This talky snitch makes his coin by selling information. Despite his questionable looks, he has connections all over the country. They say he worked for Pinkertons for a while, but those who know Johnny well say it is all a lie. That wasn’t up to his temper and views on morale. Johnny is a picky spotter and makes business only with successful and powerful people. Don’t mind his nickname, he honors his offers.

You can find Slick Johnny at your Alliance base. He will willingly sell you the coordinates of rivals’ bases. Talk to him, pay 500 Silver for the lead, and get ready for a fight!