Gold Rush — Revenge Gold Rush — Revenge

Gold Rush — Revenge

Support Agent Support Agent


Your Alliance base has been attacked and some items got stolen?
Pay back for free and get a chance to claim even more rewards!

Your blood is boiling. At such moments, even Slick Johnny will not be trying to make a profit. He will give you a free lead to the competitor’s base to try to get what’s yours back! 

The base of the rival who dared to take something away from you will be marked on your map for 8 hours. The fight won’t be easy, though. And the final result of a revenge battle is completely unpredictable.

There are several outcomes possible: getting your loot back, finding no valuables (the competitors can already use all of the loot to advance their Alliances), or… claiming even more than it was lost! If the rivals store much in their buildings, it can all become yours. That’s a completely free opportunity to get a great profit!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!