Cultist Camp Cultist Camp

Cultist Camp

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Cultist Camp is located deep in the wilds of the Marshlands Region. You will need the help of Marshal Barnes to find the way to this extra dangerous place!

Bandits can’t scare an experienced cowboy like you. But the Cultists are not just average outlaws. They are dangerous, they are weird, and they are terrifying. Headed by their mysterious leader, the skull-headed Rougarou, they became a power to be reckoned with in the region.

The one to raid their camp is a true hero or even a worse psycho than the cultists themselves.

But you will try, won’t you? So, make sure to put on your best armor, arm your best weapons and prepare for a serious fight! 

  • Enemies: bandits, alligators, mosquitos
  • Minimum player level: 100
  • Difficulty: extra hard
  • Recommended equipment: tier 5