Cypress swale Cypress swale

Cypress swale

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The swamps are the perfect region for the cypresses to grow tall and strong. Just take a look at this rich grove! 

Let your inner hunter out in this place — it is full of deer, black bears, panthers, and other animals! You can also turn them into powerful companions, making it easier to roam the area. Even the mighty alligators!

But wait a minute. What’s that creature splashing in the water?
Oh my, it’s a raccoon! What a sweet local dweller! Even if you felt the urge to cuddle it, you’d better not — it is a wild animal, after all! Appreciate the cuteness from a safe distance! 

Keep an eye on the bandits lurking around for precious resources! Better get those all for yourself, you know. 

Equip your best armor and shoot fast to get all the precious items and materials!


  • Enemies: hard level (wild animals, bandits)
  • Resources: tier 4-5
  • Minimum player level: 90
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Recommended equipment: tier 4-5