Boreal Forest Boreal Forest

Boreal Forest

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The Boreal Forest is a wilderness mosaic, rich with alder trees ready for chopping and a palette of autumn colors. Majestic mountains watch over this rugged landscape, where the clear streams and the crisp air are as refreshing as they are chilling. Beware, for the silent paws of Alaskan wolves tread near, and survival means respecting both the forest's bounty and its beasts. It's a place where bravery and wit become your closest allies in the dance of wilderness survival.

Glacier Lake is a very cold place in Westland Survival, with big mountains and a lake that looks like glass. You can find strong animal hides and soft weasel fur here, good for making warm clothes. But watch out! The big Kodiak bear lives here too, and it's very dangerous. Be careful when you walk around to get your supplies.

  • Enemies: bandits, Alaskan wolf, Alaskan alpha wolf, Alaskan Lynx, North American cougar.
  • Resources: tier 3, 5, 6
  • Minimum player level: 110
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Recommended equipment: at least tier 5