The capital of the Marshlands is filled with all sorts of people, beliefs, and secrets. The lawmen and the smugglers are keeping a fragile peace, while the townsfolk are trying to deal with the local cult followers.

Take a look around and get used to the place!

  • Pier is where your journey in the Marshlands begins. Come here if you need a ride back up the Mississippi river to your Ranch. 
  • Shrieking Head Bar is the best place to go if you need food (both for yourself and your horse), drinks, and healing items. Marie Montana co-owns this place with her friend, Jean Laveau. You will get to hear more about this guy later. 
  • Marshall’s office — The previous marshall of Deepwater has gone missing on the swamps with a whole squad of lawmen. A new marshall has already arrived from the North-West, but he is not yet present in his office. Seems like it has something to do with the fate of his predecessor!
  • Sawmill — The sawmill was built by woodsmen from the North-West who came here alongside old marshalls. Sawmill’s owners advocate for progress, while the locals prefer a traditional lifestyle. Looks like quite a strained relationship!
  • Armor & weapons shop — No shop, no town, they say! One-eyed Jack owns the local store. Need some armor and weapons? Get ‘em here! Jack’s got the goods for all types of customers!
  • Cody Express Mailbox — Cody Express operates in Deepwater, too! In case you get a parcel, there is no need to get back to the Ranch to claim it.