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Bandits Camps

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Bandits come to raid your Ranch, but you can raid their bases, too! They store a lot of precious items at their Camps, so prepare an attack once you feel ready.

There are 3 Bandits’ Camps available in the game — one per region. The Central Camp is the easiest one, the North one is harder (don’t forget about Warmth there!), and the South one can be cleared out only by truly experienced cowboys.

If you get to attack a Bandit Camp, please note that after a week the place will get occupied by a new gang (this rule is applied to all Camps). There is truly no end to bad guys here!

Clearing a Camp is like storming a fortress — bandits won’t simply give up if you come all dressed up! Also, the path won’t be linear or easy. Take your best armor, guns, and healing items with you! Make your way to the leader of the bandits to get the most valuable rewards. In his chest, you will most likely find a truly valuable reward — a gear or an Alliance resource!


  • Enemies: bandits, wolves
  • Minimum player level: 35
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Recommended equipment: tier 2-3
  • Enemies: bandits, wolves
  • Minimum player level: 60
  • Difficulty: hard.
  • Recommended equipment: warm clothes tier 4-5
  • Resources: tier 3-4
  • Enemies: bandits, wolves
  • Minimum player level: 85
  • Difficulty: very hard.
  • Recommended equipment: tier 4-5
  • Resources: tier 4-5
  • Enemies: bandits, alligators, mosquitos
  • Minimum player level: 110
  • Difficulty: deadly hard
  • Recommended equipment: tier 5