Born as a prospector's hub, Teklanika thrived due to its mild climate and prime location. The town also has a cozy bar and traders. Here’s a list of the people and places that you should pay attention to in Teklanika:

  • Smoke London, adventurer — a prospector, scout, and entrepreneur. He is happy to guide you in a new place.
  • Elias McKenzie, barman — He believes that ale is valued more than gold! Step into the bar for a bit of warmth and hearty meals that'll warm you up and restore your vigor.
  • Mary-Ann Stone, trader — In these lands of harsh nature, only top-notch equipment is worthy of your choice. So speak to Mary-Ann if you agree that quality is always better than quantity.
  • Prospectors Pantry — A little repair, and it could become an excellent place for storing goods and resources.

Although the vaccine has been delivered to Teklanika, a significant part of it remains under quarantine. The bridge is raised, so entry is currently not possible.