This is a magical place where you can pass hard trials to get awesome rewards.

To launch a Trial, you need to place 3 Silver and 3 Bronze rings on the pedestal. After that, enemies will begin attacking you. Stay alive and kill them all if you want your prize!

This location has a 2-day cooldown, but you can reset for a couple of silver coins.

  • Waves 1-3 — This is a not very complicated intro to give you a chance to prepare for more advanced enemies. The difficulty grows gradually.
  • Wave 4 — The 1st Boss fight.
  • Wave 5 — You will face a large number of fast but low HP enemies. A good hummer or a shotgun would be useful for you to win this wave.
  • Wave 6 — You will have to kill 5 Dsonokvas as fast as possible before they cast a powerful AOE-burst. In case you have survived after the first blast, they will start casting it once again. A powerful rifle or a gun will be the best choice to pass this wave successfully.
  • Wave 7 — You have to survive after several attacks of the Buffalo. You can’t kill it, but you may try to avoid its charge if you are fast enough. Use your best armor, be ready to heal, and don’t let buffalo attack you. After several attempts to gore you, buffalo will die and you will win.
  • Wave 8 — 2nd Boss fight. In case you have won all of the 8 waves you will face another 8 with increased difficulty. The total number of waves is infinite!  



  • Wendigo — you will see two ghosts. If you attack one of them it will try to run away, but the second one will try to hurt you. And every hit will summon a new immortal ghost attacking you. You can attack only the first ghost. When the first ghost loses more than 50% of HP, it will turn into Wendigo and start attacking you as well. The best strategy is to kill the boss using powerful attacks as fast as possible. Don’t try to kill other ghosts. They will disappear right after Wendigo's death.
  • Uktena — when moving, Uktena leaves a fire trail. It will hurt you if you try to cross it. The best strategy here is to hit’n’run, trying to ‘kite’ the boss and to avoid the fire trail.


Canyon Trials Leaderboard

Let’s make it clear how to get to the top of the Canyon Trials Leaderboard.

  • Only the best of your completed attempts during the weekly period counts in the Canyon Trials Leaderboard. E.g. if you fought three times during the period and got 97, 101, and 98 points, then your maximum score is 101. And 101 is your result in the Leaderboard.
  • You get 1 point for every killed creature in the Canyon. The more enemies you kill the more points you get.