Daily rewards Daily rewards

Daily rewards

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Every day, when you log into the game, you will receive excellent rewards to help you with your daily tasks. Daily rewards are tailored to match the player's game progress and are divided into three groups.

Newcomer Rewards

Perfect for those who recently joined the game. The entire cycle spans 14 days.


Experienced Cowboy Rewards

Geared towards more seasoned players. These rewards continue until the character reaches level 80 and unlocks the Southern region (after the River crossing repair).

They include silver coins, essential for the food and fiber production cycle seeds, powerful weapons, special cooking components, and much more. The full cycle lasts 28 days and repeats until the conditions for moving to Veteran Rewards are met.


Veteran Rewards

Specifically designed to meet the expectations of the most experienced players who have reached level 80 and ventured into the Southern region to help both in fights and in developing the Ranch.

These rewards offer silver coins, high-tier weapons, high-tier food, ‘Happy paw’ pet food, pet crackers, additional blueprint tubes, dynamite, sugar, and high-quality tools.

The whole cycle lasts 28 days.