Defense is one of the 4 basic characteristics of your Character. It protects your character from incoming damage. In a few words, the more Defense points you have, the less damage you get.

The Defense characteristic of your Character is split between 2 components: Armor defense and Basic defense.

Armor defense

It determines what amount of damage the armor will absorb. The more damage is absorbed, the less HP your character loses, yet the more armor durability gets reduced. 

  • Armor with a higher ‘Defense’ stat is more durable.
  • In practice, this means that high-level armor will last much longer in low-level locations. But at the same time, beginners’ armor will get damaged fast in high-level locations! So, choose your equipment wisely!
  • The armor protects each body part individually. So it's important to be fully equipped, cowboys!
  • Your armor gets damaged depending on the amount of absorbed damage (not the number of hits taken).

Basic Defense

It blocks a certain percentage of the unblocked by the Armor defense damage. You can increase your basic Defense points by leveling up the ‘Defense’ characteristic or wearing better rings, amulets, and backpacks.