Gold Nuggets are one of the main Westland currencies.
They are extremely rare, it's not so easy to find them.

How to get Gold Nuggets?

  • Golden Carmack shop
    The first one who has found a gold vein in Westland is Golden Carmack. Nobody except him knows where it is situated. Still, he visits Silverton to exchange Gold Nuggets for goods and resources that will be useful in his goldfields! This is your chance to get some Gold Nuggets!

  • Alliance Gold Mine
    Create or join an Alliance and set up the gold mining process. As soon as you build all necessary buildings, you will be getting Gold Nuggets on a daily basis!

  • Gold Rush
    A fierce struggle for Gold Nuggets came to Westland. Find another Alliances’ bases and raid them to get rivals' Gold Nuggets and other valuable resources!

  • Leaderboards
    Gold Nuggets are now present as rewards in Leaderboards!
    Do your best and enjoy your precious Gold Nuggets!


How can I use Gold Nuggets?

Trader Adam McCoy is interested in Gold Nuggets. He has arrived from the industrial cities of the North-East. He sells tubes with epic item blueprints and also epic resources. Mr. McCoy will kindly offer you a couple of rarities at a very modest (in his opinion) price of a couple of Gold Nuggets.