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UI — Character Window

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The Character/Inventory screen is a screen you will get to know well pretty fast. Here you can find essential information about your character, manage your inventory, and work on your character’s build.

1. Nickname — If you want to change it, just tap on it and there you go.
2. Hunger and thirst bars — Do not let them run down to zero if you don’t want trouble!
3-12. Character equipment slots — From weapons to rings and amulets, make sure to equip your character the best you can.
⚠️Please note that the 6th slot displayed on the screenshot gets unlocked by equipping a backpack with an additional pocket. It can be truly useful in battle, allowing you to use healing items right away. So, if you want such a slot, make sure to invest in a sturdy backpack with an additional pocket!
13. Character characteristics — You can upgrade those upon leveling up. Make your own build or follow one of the community ones. The first three characteristics are rather self-explanatory, and Spirit helps you tame animals on locations and stay safe from wild animal attacks. In case you’d like more info on any of the characteristics, long tap on them to see their descriptions.
⚠️ Tip: if you want to change your build, you can do so by purchasing Tome of Retraining from Gustav Stein in Silverton for 200 Silver. Upon use, this book will return characteristic points back to you so that you can make a new build!
14. Silver and Gold Nugget counters.
15. Use — tap this button to use items from the inventory, for example, healing ointments.
16. Split — this button will help you manage your resources by splitting them into groups.
17. Bin — this button allows you to throw away unwanted items.
18. Inventory tab — remember this icon if you want to get to this screen through other tabs!