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Neihbours' bases

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Are you an experienced ranch raider or just about to pay a visit to your unfriendly neighbors? Questions about the enemy ranch system can be seen here pretty often. So, let’s answer them all!

  • There can only be up to 3 enemy bases on the Global Map at a time.
    From the beginning of the game, there are 3 neighboring ranches available. After you raid them, they will disappear from the Map.
  • Time is running out!
    Once you leave the base, its location will remain on the map for an hour. This allows you to get back to it in case of need.
  • Bases do not reappear on their own.
    Once there are less than 3 bases on the map, Cora Pearl will get ready to sell coordinates of new ranches. You can find this lady in the Silverton Saloon. Each map leading to an enemy base will cost you a bunch of Silver Coins. Please note that it takes time for Cora to gather information about the nearby ranches. So, she can only sell you one map a week.