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UI — Main Screen

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Here is a guide to all interface elements that are visible while you are at your Ranch.

  1. Minimap — tap here to check the in-game time, Thirst, Hunger, or Energy points.
  2. VIP status gives you certain benefits.
  3. Outlaws' anger status — when it becomes red, bandits will try to raid your ranch.
  4. Settings menu — here, you can choose the quality of the graphics, change the game language or contact Support.
  5. Character stats — your health bar, nickname, current level, and the experience bar.
  6. Pet stats — here, you can see your active pet, its health bar, and the experience bar.
  7. Active buffs and debuffs — when you have buffs or debuffs, they will displayed below the exp bar.
  8. Quests — here, you can find the list of your current tasks.
  9. Controls — press in the middle and drag the white circle with your finger in the direction you would like to move.
  10. Auto mode — Auto mode allows you to proceed with your farm routine much faster and without any effort from your side. Tap this icon to gather resources (both those that are placed on the ground and those that should be gathered with tools) or fight in case someone attacks you.
    ⚠️Please note that your character won’t open any chests or loot defeated enemies in Auto mode.
  11. Auto repair/Store the loot — this button allows you to repair your entire base in one click and move all the loot you've gathered from other islands to appropriate storage. For example, all your food will be moved to food storage, wood to wood storage, etc.
    ⚠️Please note the feature is available only for those players who have active VIP status.
  12. Chat — The option to talk to other cowboys is available in all peaceful locations and global map.
  13. Shop and Inbox — when you want to get some useful stuff right now!
  14. Craft — at your Ranch, you can craft whatever you want if you have a proper workbench and a blueprint.
  15. Inventory — let’s see what’s in your pockets!
  16. Interaction Button — tap this icon to interact with anything in the game. E.g., picking up objects from the ground, talking to someone, entering the caves, or opening projects.
  17. Secondary slot — this is the secondary weapon slot you can use from the first level. You can equip food, healing potions, or any weapon here unlike the first one where you can only put weapons. If a weapon is equipped in this slot, then after the primary weapon breaks, it will automatically move to the primary slot, leaving the second slot empty. If any healing potion is equipped to this slot, you have to tap it whenever you want to use it.
  18. Additional pocket — equip high-level backpack to unlock this slot. You may use it for potions or food.
  19. Building menu — this menu allows you to build the strongest Ranch possible.
  20. Workshop menu — Westland Survival has a diverse crafting system. Some basic instruments, weapons, or armor can be crafted on the go. In the Workshop menu, you can track which items are crafting and how much time is left till they will be ready. Choose the specific workshop to put more objects in the queue.
  21. Primary weapon slot/Attack button — you will have to fight a lot in Westland Survival, you’re a cowboy, after all! Tap this button to attack your enemies when they are within the weapon’s range.
    You will also notice there is a circle bar surrounding the weapon, which is its durability. Each successful attack reduces the durability of your weapon by 1 point. And once that bar falls to zero, the weapon will break (the same rules apply to your armor).
  22. Stealth mode — tap here to activate stealth mode. You can sneak past the dangerous enemies or attack them and deal critical damage.
    ⚠️ Please note that guns do not deal critical damage in stealth mode, unlike all other weapons.