Flooded Plateau Flooded Plateau

Flooded Plateau

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Flooded Plateau is a southern location for experienced players. To visit it you have to fix a Bridge at the River Crossing first. 

It is not as dry as some other plateaus. Situated in the Southern part of Westland, it is full of various flora, quite aggressive fauna, and dozens of outlaws, of course. You can also see water among other objects. Sometimes it's raining.

If you are well-equipped and brave enough, you may hunt some good trophies, or even dive into some new mini-stories that can sometimes appear on this location. Granite and some other tier 4 resources can be found in Flooded Plateau, too.

  • Enemies: medium-level (bandits, wild animals)
  • Resources: tier 4-5
  • Minimum player level: 75
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Recommended equipment: at least tier 3