The life in the Town is in full swing. Townspeople like to share rumors and valuable information, give tasks, trade, or help travelers. Merchants from the farthest corners of the prairies come to Town to offer various goods and rarities. That’s why adventurers can always stumble upon something interesting during their visits to the Town. Today we would like to introduce you to the main residents of the Town and its surroundings.

Saloon and Casino


Dora Duran, the owner of the Silverton’s best known Saloon, received an offer she could not turn down. Now, within the Saloon’s walls, a brand new Casino is open!

The owner of the place is yet settling in, and all the fun activities will become available in the future. Can you guess what exactly will you be able to do in here? No matter the activity, the reward will follow!

With all the entertainment available at the Saloon, it is no wonder that a fight might appear here and there once in a while. No worries, the troublemakers get thrown out on the streets right away! It doesn’t mean the fight will end there…

Dora_duran_new.png Dora Duran — Saloon owner
Tired travelers are always welcomed in «The Grackle»!
bartender.png Jan HacElhone — Bartender
He is always ready to listen to the adventurer’s story and offer you some food and drinks.
Sarah.png Cora Pearl — Dancer
She knows all your secrets and wishes. And not only yours. Cora may share information about neighborhood bases with you for a small fee. 
Croupier.png Belle Young — Croupier
Belle makes sure all the Casino visitors enjoy its current main attraction, the Wheel of Fortune.

Trade Square


Leave the Saloon and set foot onto the Trade square! You can find all types of vendors here, offering different types of goods.

wls2_npc_town_butcher_portrait.png Joe Bacon — Cattleman
This sturdy guy is in the middle of opening his meat selling business here, in Silverton. He’ll need some help before he can start selling things, so go greet him!
998268d5-6785-4e47-8b55-997b23ce3dfc.png Golden Carmack — Prospector
Among the endless forests in the West, miner Carmack has found a gold vein! He visits the Town to exchange gold nuggets for goods and resources that will be useful in his goldfield!
wls2_horse_trader_portrait.png Loren Bernar — Saddler
This dexterous rider will help you get everything you need for your horse!
wls2_npc_town_trader_cloth_portrait.png Martha Lynton — Weaver
Skillful seamstress and fashionista. She will offer everything you need for being well-dressed!
Trader_ore.png Peter Jansen — Blacksmith
He is out there to offer you some ingots as well as hand-made items.
wls2_npc_town_trader_stone_portrait.png Mark Hayes — Geologist
Thinking of turning your ranch into an impregnable fortress? A geologist will help with the required materials.
wls2_npc_town_trader_wood_portrait.png Jason Graham — Lumberjack
He has one of the best sawmills in the neighborhood. You can buy quality and solid wood in his store.
wls2_npc_town_trader_leather_portrait.png White Feather — Tanner
Are your boots leaky? The tanner is always ready to offer you the best materials for crafting new equipment.

Hall of Fame


The monument is situated at the center of the Trade square, and the flags hanged on its polls are always there to remind you what Alliances are the most powerful in Westland. Event decorations are used to be placed nearby it during the various holidays.

Town overhaul!


Silverton is the biggest town in the area, so if you need something, that’s the place to go. Let’s recap all the places you can currently go to, except the already mentioned ones. 

To the West:

  • Railway station — People of Westland love traveling by train, and this station has always been popular with the townsfolk and the visitors. It is not as active as it could have been right now, but who knows, maybe another day will change it? 
  • General Post Office — The one and only Post Office in Westland! Just imagine how many parcels are stored in its basements. Be careful while walking around the GPO, the trains are running pretty close to it!
  • Elijah Samson — He can offer you 2 buckets of Tar if you help him.
  • StableLoren Bernar knows everything about taking care of horses. She sells only the best refined sugar available in Westland and a number of useful horse equipment. And stableman Norris would be happy to provide you with Reins for your Wagon for a 'small' assistance.

To the South:

  • Gunsmith’s shop — The owner of the place, Santiago Garcia has quite the past, but it doesn’t affect his skills. Right now he is willing to fix any of your items for Fried Fish, however, his heart is telling him it’s time to expand his business. 
  • Sheriff’s office Karl Schultz is a tough and just man who ensures law is above all in Silverton and its outskirts. He’ll welcome some help with the outlaws, so feel free to aid him by accepting tasks from the Quest board. There’s also a sketchy guy hanging around the Sheriff’s office that can offer useful info for a small ‘donation’. 
  • Bank — Banker is a wealthy and influential citizen. In addition, he's got some good guards.
  • Noah Thompson’s residency — This house belongs to one of the wealthiest and most influential people of Silverton — Noah Thompson

To the East:

  • BarbershopEd Razortoes is welcoming any passerby to his place! Need a new cut? Want to grow a beard? Ed can make miracles on you! First visit is 100% free!
  • Hunter’s shackNick Bumpo used to be the best hunter in the area, but now he is more into drinking. He still manages to be aware of the animal whereabouts somehow. Bring him a high quality hide and he’ll pay you a handful!

To the North:

  • Safecracker house Greg Allison is always up there ready to help you crack the newly found safe. He prefers to work slowly and steadily, but if you’ve got the Silver, he can speed up a bit.
  • Newspaper office — Chief editor John Conrad dreams of getting reach, but publishing newspapers still haven’t paid off. He allows Gustav Stein, the engineer, to dwell here as well, selling or exchanging various blueprints. Alas, Gustav always forgets to sign the tubes so the blueprint you get is always a surprise even to him.