If you want to travel the distance locations you need a horse. But your horse requires stables. 

How to build stables?

  1. Enter the building mode at your Ranch.
  2. Switch to the Projects tab.
  3. Choose Stables and place them at any suitable place.
  4. Complete the whole collection to start using the stables.


To complete construction, you need to either drag and drop the necessary items from your inventory to the Stable, or double-click on the resource you want to transfer to the building.

Good ways of picking up the stable items

Metal Scraps can be found in various locations inside chests or on dead bodies.

Oak boards, Bronze nails, and Shoulder bags can be crafted using corresponding benches at the Ranch.

The horseshoes, saddle, stirrups, and bridal can be found at specific locations described below.

  • Neighborhood ranches — don’t forget to grab a few good axes and dynamite. 
  • Shootout Spot Event — look for horse dead bodies.
  • Bandit Stash — appear after the bandit’s raid if you found a map.
  • Silverton — look for Loren Bernar.

How the horse works

Your horse will be with you at all times, whether you walk off the map, or ‘Ride’ the horse from the horse menu. You get 4 storage slots on the horse, and the horse will be waiting for you at the edge of whatever map you are currently on. You will still be able to walk and use energy in the same way you did before. You can also ride the horse using the horse’s energy instead of yours. The only way for the horse to regain energy is to treat it with refined sugar, so refined sugar is effectively an additional form of energy that you can save up.