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Horse breeding

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Breeding horses is an exciting feature that allows you to expand your equine collection and potentially obtain rare and valuable offspring. This process involves various factors such as breeds, coat colors, types, tiers, and rarity. Here's what you need to know about breeding horses:

  • Types â€” Riding and Draft horses cannot be crossbred. They are not compatible for breeding.
  • Breeds â€” You can breed horses of the same breed or different ones. If the breeds are different, the foal will inherit either the mother's or father's breed.
  • Coat colors â€” The foal is most likely to have the coat color of one of its parents, provided that the coat color is available in their respective breeds. However, there is a possibility of the foal having a different coat color, incorporating colors available in both the father’s and mother’s breeds.
  • Tiers and Rarity â€” It is advisable to breed horses of the same tier and rarity. This increases the chances of the foal having a higher rarity or tier. However, there is a certain possibility that the foal's tier and rarity may remain the same as its parents or even decrease.
  • Food â€” Successful breeding can only occur if there is food present in the feeder. 


  • The tier, rarity, and attributes of a foal can only be determined once it reaches adulthood.
  • Providing food in the feeding trough is essential for the foal to mature into an adult horse.
  • Foals are not suitable for traveling across the global map and can’t be given to Arabella.
  • Just like any other processes, nourishment is crucial for the foal’s growth and maturation to a horse.


  • Horses, just like pets, possess a Fertility parameter that determines the number of breedings they can participate in.
  • All acquired or bred horses will always have a Fertility value greater than zero.
  • Fertility of horses can be replenished using a concoction known as ‘Equine Elixir’. However, this potion is an extremely rare elixir and currently can be found only in the game shop.