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The Encyclopedia is your workbench and the place where a wealth of knowledge about the world of Westland is gathered, which you will acquire throughout your adventures. This knowledge will come in handy multiple times, so if you haven't built this table yet, hurry up and construct the Encyclopedia by switching to building mode. The Encyclopedia is located in the same tab as all other workbenches.

Initially, you will only have access to a Level 1 Encyclopedia. In it, you will find the Achievements and Dishes tabs available to you.

To unlock the Animals and Baits tabs, you will need to complete "Paws in troubles" questline from naturalists Vernon and Joy Riley. Sheriff Schultz will inform you of the need to assist them once you reach the required level.



Most of your activities in the game are honored with special achievements that can be displayed to other players. All achievements are categorized based on the type of cowboy activity. There are several categories of achievements in the game. You can explore the achievements, their names, and conditions for them here, in Encyclopedia.

And how about flaunting your achievements in front of your fellow cowboys? In the Encyclopedia, you can also manage which achievements you want to display by your nickname everywhere the other players see it – the chat, on the leaderboards, in Alliance’s interfaces, in Silverton, and other settlements. Depending on the level of your Encyclopedia, you can show up to 5 of your most impressive achievements.



The Encyclopedia contains all the information about dishes, their ingredients, and the bonuses they grant. 

Besides providing valuable information, the Encyclopedia helps you keep track of the dishes you've already tried and the ones you haven't. This knowledge is crucial the first time you consume a dish; it grants your character a permanent buff!

Animals and Baits


After completing "Paws in troubles" questline, you will be able to upgrade the Encyclopedia to the 2nd level and unlock the Animals and Baits tabs. They allow you to track learned baits and explore the variety of Westland’s fauna! Browse through the tabs of Encyclopedia to see what animals you can lure. What baits do they react to? What are their primary skills? All that info is available at the Naturalist Desk!

🐺 Naturalist tip:
Long tap on the animal’s skill to learn what it is all about!