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Defense 小onstructions

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Every now and then your base will inevitably get raided by bandits. Once you fill up their rage meter by killing them, they will inevitably come to avenge their fallen buddies. The more you play, the more valuable resources you store in your chests and the more dangerous the raids might get. Fear not, however, since there are some defense structures that will help you keep those bandits away from your storages while you are dealing with them. In order to add these to your property, open the building mode by tapping the white house icon on the top right side of your screen whilst on your ranch. Here goes the list of available defense constructions:

blobid0-min.png Trap Stop stubborn visitors on the way to your house
blobid1-min.png Stakes Will hold back intruders for some time.
blobid2-min.png Iron stakes Look scary and not as fragile as wooden ones
blobid3-min.png Barbed wire Will hold back intruders, outlaws, and wild animals for a long time.
blobid4-min.png Sandbags An effective way to blockade the walls