Bait Workbench Bait Workbench

Bait Workbench

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A Bait Workbench is a must for those who want to get pets. Each animal requires its own bait, so make sure you're crafting the exact one you need for reaching your goal!

You will learn how to make your first baits while completing the Paws in troubles questline. You can also purchase some baits from Henry the Stumble. The range of his wares gets changed once in a while, so keep an eye on that!

To learn how to make new, better baits, bring pets to Vernon. Doing so will increase your expertise in the naturalist field. The rarer the bait, the more powerful the animal you can turn into your pet!


To produce higher-tier baits, you will need to upgrade your Bait Workbench, but first, you have to discover them. Better tools for better baits! 

There is also a neat tool for you to track your bait research progress, and that’s a Naturalist Desk!