Enjoying growing new cultures, cowboy? Time to reap the fruit of your work!

With getting more and more resources and food, you’ll need more storage. And this is where the Barn comes in! You can store seeds, plant cultures, fiber, and compound feed in it. So, some space will eventually get freed up in the Food and Wood storages! Ain’t that awesome?


  • How to build a Barn? — Go to the ‘Projects’ tab in the building mode, it’s right there. 
  • Can the bandits steal what’s stored in the Barn? — Bandits are interested in more costly possessions than seeds. So, your Barn will be left well alone during bandit raids.
  • How far can I upgrade the Barn? — The Barn can be upgraded only to level 3 in this version. In the future, you’ll become able to level it up further.