Once you get to build your first Field, you’ll need to find out how to gain benefit from it. Time to dive deeper into the details!


  • How to build a Field? — You can do so via building mode. A trusty working method! 
  • How to upgrade a Field? — To upgrade your Field to level 2 and higher, you’ll need Mineral fertilizer. You can get some at the Emergency Stop event.
  • How to build more Fields? — You can build not just one, but multiple Fields! The available construction number depends on the Well/Water tower level. 

And now, to the juicy part! What makes Fields better than Garden beds?
An ability to get seeds from harvesting your crops! This allows you to loop your production chain and grow harvest on a regular basis. Fill your Ranch with green and reap your crops! 

How to plant, grow, and harvest a crop?

  • One field — one culture — You can grow but one culture on your Field at a time. However, you can grow different cultures on different fields.
  • Plant smartly — When planting, you’ll get all the seeds from your inventory used at a time. Nice and handy!
  • Harvest the crop — All seeds get ready to be harvested at a time, unlike Garden bed’s, when each seed has its own reap time.  
  • New seeds — When you reap your crop, you get both the harvest and the number of seeds equal to the one used to sow the Field. It’s the circle of seeds, partners! The more seeds, the more generous harvest you can reap in the future. 

With such a beneficial feature as getting seeds for harvesting your crop, it became important to balance this change out. What has changed?