Build a Cowshed, grow your cows, and enjoy delicious Fillets!

Most of the Cowshed mechanics are similar to Chicken Coop’s, but there are some distinguishable differences. Let’s get into it!

Growing cows:

  • Cow population increases once in 44 hours, no matter the Cowshed level. The Cowshed level affects the number of cows you can own at a time, their growth rate, and Cowshed’s feeder capacity.

Feeding nuances:

  • Upon appearing in the Cowshed, a cow consumes 550 feeding points. It will NOT require additional food later on!
  • Cows are not picky. They are eager to digest any type of feed you can provide them with.
  • The feed they enjoy the most is, of course, special cow fodder. It can be made from pumpkins, beans, and cabbage. To make this type of fodder, you will need a level 2 Farming workbench. 

Getting Fillets:

  • Each cow provides you with 8 Fillets.
  • To get Fillets from your cows, you will need a level 2 Farming workbench. 

Upgrading the Cowshed:

  • To upgrade your Cowshed, you will need some Cowbells. You can get them at the Train Attack daily event. 
  • Cowshed can be upgraded up to level 3.
    Raising cows is a high-level activity, so you’ll need Tier 3 resources to build a Cowshed. Therefore, upgrading it to level 2 and level 3 will require Tier 4 and Tier 5 resources correspondingly. 
  • Upgrading the Cowshed is beneficial in 3 different ways:
    — Store more cows in it (Level 1 — 6 cows; Level 2 — 12 cows; Level 3 — 18 cows);
    — Increased cow growth rate (Level 1 — 2 cows; Level 2 — 4 cows; Level 3 — 6 cows);
     Increased feeder capacity (Level 1 — 3300; Level 2 — 6600; Level 3 — 9900).