Generator (Electricity) Generator (Electricity)

Generator (Electricity)

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The generator produces and stores electrical energy, which, in turn, is essential for crafting weapons, armor, and Tier 6 secondary resources on your Ranch!

Requirements to build Generator:

  1. Level 100 or above.
  2. Unlock the Boreal Wilds region.
  3. Complete the quest given to you by Gustav Stein.

Your friend engineer Gustav Stein received experimental blueprints from his friend Edison for a completely unique device — a Fuel-Powered Generator! This contraption is capable of generating electricity right on your Ranch.

Well… Gustav was supposed to receive these blueprints. And now comes the bad news. The train that had to deliver them was robbed. The package itself has gone missing. Now, you'll have to track down the gang that pulled this off and retrieve the stolen blueprints!

Once you successfully complete the task and retrieve the stolen blueprints, you'll be able to build a real electricity generator on your Ranch! This generator can run on any fuel. Gustav will give you some Crude Oil, which is incredibly efficient but challenging to obtain. But even if it runs out, don't worry. Any Coal will also work, although you'll need more of it for the generator to run smoothly. The higher the tier of Coal the more its efficiency will be.

The Generator can run on

  1. Charcoal.
  2. Brown Coal.
  3. Coal.
  4. Crude Oil.

Production limits

  • Better fuel, more kW/h — Better fuel lets you produce more electricity.
  • Production queue — You can assign as many tasks for Tier 6 production as many kW/h of electricity as you have at the moment. Set your priorities wisely!
  • Tier 1-5 production remained unchanged! — Production of resources and items of tiers 1-5 does not require electricity, even if your workbench is upgraded to level 6. Production of resources and items of levels 1-5 works as before, with different workbenches able to work in parallel.